An Average Day at TCA

-By Jonah Phillips, TCA Senior.

Five slams in succession was the first thing that jolted me awake. It’s too early. The first concern I had was why my alarm didn’t go off. The second thought that climbed into my mind was that Kawika, Sean, and I wouldn’t be able to climb today. We were already fifteen minutes late to morning workout. I quickly scrambled to find a clean pair of underwear and pants then anxiously slugged out of the cabin. It was a beautiful cold morning, the yoga routine slowly diffused warmth throughout my body, and like always, charged me. After eating banana pancakes, my pre-calculus class walked down Lander’s Main Street to the Bakery for class. We completed a bunch of preparation problems for the test on the following Monday. By the time first period was over the temperature was hot, I walked three blocks back to camp just in time to meet for English. Our English class sat outside of McDonalds to poach on their quality Wi-Fi. Lunch was familiar leftovers from our previous dinner. Environmental science class took place at the bakery, we started our second unit one project-strictly about the geology of where we climb. The wind started to pick up as the heat died off, it’s time to go climbing! I filled up two Nalgene’s and threw my heavy crag pack in the vans. At 3:15 we all departed towards Sinks canyon, the psyche was high. Small pockets of rain showered on the vans, the four rows of athletes silenced, unsure if they were thinking about the beautiful sunlight with the rain or stressing about the rock. We pulled up to the crag, it was dry and a bit chilly! Kawika and I branched off towards Face Dancer Wall. After warming up on three 5.11-s we got onto The Citadel of Hope, 5.12b. Kawika hung the draws and worked the upper sequence. The crux was a consistent twisty line of small crimps and a few big moves. I fell once at the top, then did all the moves. it was 7:20, the project wasn’t finished but my muscles were. The Climbing Academy became ate out at The Gannet Grill for Aarons birthday! We joked and laughed while taking down nearly a dozen pizzas. We sang the happy birthday song as one big family and chowed chocolate cake. I’m sure the others were content too. I chugged 30 ounces of water and brushed my teeth. I lay in bed awake contemplating another action packed day, It’s all meant to be, I easily fall asleep.

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