Elemental Performance & Fitness in Lander, Wyoming

-Gym/training facility review by Nat Baird, TCA Freshman.

The team sprinted from the van into the warm shelters of the gym in order to avoid the bad weather. We checked in as PYT by Michael Jackson was playing over the pitter patter of the rain, people were climbing, laughing, exchanging beta and working out. I worked some of the problems and relaxed with the team for a while. ‘What a great environment,” I remember thinking to my self as I wander over to the gym area. The extensive workout area satisfied all of my needs as an athlete and I got an excellent ab and tricep workout in. I am feeling it now as I right this actually. There was a contest going on called “The One Hundred Work Out Challenge” which I though was a really cool way of getting members engaged. The staff was very friendly and psyched on what we were doing as a school which I thought was really cool. Compared to other gyms that I have been to the actual climbing area was smaller than I would have liked but there were still really great routes and a great atmosphere. Personally my favorite problem was a neat compression pink v4. The route setting was far above what I was anticipating. The actual gym part of the building was really great. It was definitely one of the nicer gyms I have been to. Overall I was very pleased with my experience at Elemental Performance and Fitness. I am definitely planning to come back before we depart Lander. If you are ever in Lander, Wyoming you should really check this place out.

Details: Elemental Performance & Fitness is located at 134 Lincoln St., Lander, WY 82520. Their website is https://lmntl.net/climbing-gym/.

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