Finally Learning

By Sean Meehan, TCA Senior.

My past schooling has been a disappointment at most and a time passer at best. In the last 2 weeks I’ve done more work in my freshman and junior year combined, this even hasn’t been totally from slacking off. I found myself more distracted outside in this learning environment, but also learning more, the aspect of teaching in a confined space with stale air and textbook teaching is its not anywhere ideal for me and many other kids. The issue with the florescent light exposure and the promise of college debt and dread of adulthood is that it’s inescapable in the space that looks foreshadowing alike to what a cubical in a dead end job that would soon become most kid’s theoretical “jail.”

Sean (on the right) in class with Tanner and teacher Tom. Photo by Aaron Hjelt

The way the teachers are also our friends would seem near impossible to most others, for example I have my government teacher as a contact in my phone, this alone is outlandish to be so connected with a teacher, and so close. When you’re not seen as merely a child that needs, by law, to be educated, the dialogue is opened to excitement of the student to learn and to have fun in a course. For the first time in my life, I have an interest in learning in my Science course and Government class. To have teachers care in a way that’s as if a friend is helping you with homework is very strong and powerful to my learning. The work I have been doing is definitely a lot harder and makes me really try and I’m honestly grateful for it. I feel as though I’m doing meaningful work and contributing to my overall success. I can’t help but think were I’d be without TCA I was honestly considering dropping out of high school and becoming a full time dirt bag. This idea still hasn’t left me, but with a high school diploma it opens up a lot more options, and I’m deeply grateful for it. 

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