The Arrival

-By Tanner Mack.

I woke today at 3:15, groggy but it didn’t matter. Today is the long awaited day. I finally leave and start my adventure. I’ve talked about this for the last 6 months. Planning, receiving, sending emails, buying gear, packing, fundraising, so much more. Today marks the start of an amazing adventure. Arriving to the airport with 4 bag, all completely stuffed full. I bought a coffee and got onto my plane to Denver. After what felt like no time I arrived in Denver, completely starving. I had a great breakfast of 5 eggs, 2 pieces of toast, and fried potatoes. I had a lot of time at the Denver airport so I walked around and waited for my flight to board. I was surprised I managed to keep both my carry-on bags and didn’t have to “curtesy check” a bag.  I took a fast flight and when I landed couldn’t hold back a smile. I was greeted by Brandon. Brandon is a teacher and also my mentor. Each mentor is paired with 2 students and is in charge of how overall the students are doing. They will send home weekly letters to our parents letting them know how we are doing academically, mentally, and physically. I arrived to the gym and was the only student there.

 I climbed and talked with the teachers. Slowly students arrive. I was surprised as more and more arrived. There was no awkward weird stage. We all just jumped in and climbed we clicked instantly. We all got along and were laughing and talking. We slept in the Spire Climbing Gym that night. The next morning we awoke to our first morning workout. We got a breakfast of granola and fruit and sat down for our first part of orientation. After orientation we climbed a bit more and set off for Ten Sleep Canyon. After a not so bad drive filled with talking, laughing, sleeping, and snacking we arrived in our new home. We never really have a home base during the school year. So home is where we are together. img-2590_origWe cook, clean, eat, climb, shower, brush our teeth, play, study, and everything really, we do together. We set up camp, got a meal and went to sleep. That first night I slept amazing, black-out totally asleep, it was nice. We woke-up to another morning workout and meal of granola. Next we all sat around in our little 16 person circle and did part 2 of orientation. We met up in our A-day classes. We Have a different schedule then other schools and really everyone else. It revolves around A-day, B-day, and C-day. Within those days we have workouts, different classes, climbing, rest days, and a lot more.

 Anyhow, on my A-day first period I head to math, then English, and Environmental science. They are all pretty much your average first day of class, reading a syllabus, going over what the course is about, and what we already know. After Class we loaded up in out vans (one named Randy and the other The Sweat lodge) and went out to go climbing. The energy was high, the atmosphere was all psych. Everyone, even the teachers, were chomping at the bit to climb. After a brief safety talk we cut loose and went crazy. It felt good to climb outside again after taking so many days off. After our first day of climbing we went to a restaurant and ate some food. I felt terrible for the vegetarians, they got a bun, with melted cheese, lettuce, and fries. However the regular cheeseburger we got was good, just not enough to eat. We went to sleep, waking to another morning workout. This one was yoga, something I’ve never liked. I did the session but felt so amazing and charged for the day. Something I was not expecting. We had B-day classes that day, which meant History, every other B-Day SAT prep, and a free period. Another day of getting to know the classes and instructors. It’s really nice because on some B-days I have 2 free periods off, sometimes being spent on homework. Since we didn’t have any that day we went to the little river flowing by our camp and went swimming. After drying off,  We went back out to climb, another great day on the wall. I tried my now project Gold Member (5.14a) I made img-2358_origlittle progress but had the idea. On day 3 we had our first C-day rotation. Before we ventured into the new class we had our last segment of orientation. It was nice they broke up the orientation, we weren’t over loaded with information. Our C-day was really nice. I have Spanish and Media Productions. Spanish is extremely causal. We are trying to build a solid base for everyone before we fly to Spain in a few weeks. Media productions was awesome. It’s going to be a rad class. We have a lot of equipment to play  with, including a drone.  

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