-By Sean Meehan, TCA Senior.

image2I’ve been given an assignment that has me confounded, which to be honest I don’t get often. The reason being is that the task is to photograph and write about spirituality in nature. It isn’t that I don’t understand the content to write or photograph, but it makes me think about my own belief in spirituality and what I feel in nature as well. I would like to dissect the thoughts I have when I am in these rural areas where there is little contact outside of the group or even alone with myself. Many a time I often find myself dreaming of what I could have done differently in certain scenarios, whether relationships with a partner or friend. These thoughts seem common to most, but not when I’m clearheaded and in nature and there is nothing blocking me from un-sorting and coming to conclusions to sceneries that have accrued. The fascinating effect that happens, is I often come up with solutions to these issues and am able to come to rest on the subject and rid the plaguing of past events and move on. This example of my experience is spiritual for me, and it’s breaking down my thoughts like a check list; and really lifts heavy weight off my shoulders. I’m calmer in a scene and that feels enlightening to self-conscious which could be seen as a higher power’s help. Being able to dig deep into one’s thoughts and pull reason from the twisted labyrinth of ideas, dreams, and subconscious thought is a powerful tool to becoming the person you want to be. Isn’t that what spirituality really is? It’s the feeling of being very small in a big space, to be able to guide yourself on a path of understanding nature and how we fit into to this small percentage of inhabitants to the world.   image1

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