Where has TCA been?

Where has TCA been?

The last time you heard from TCA, we were climbing premier rock faces in Cataluña. Residing in a beautiful valley between the mountains of the Montsant range, TCA spent three weeks in the quaint town of Ulldemolins. Hosted by community members in three different houses throughout the town, the Academy grew found of the locals and meandering the cobblestone streets.

TCA Students soaking up the sun in Ulldemolins

Ulldemolins was  ideal for TCA to facilitate both academics and climbing, while thriving in a foreign country. Located 15 kilometers from the world-renowned limestone cliffs of Siurana and 22 kilometers from the conglomerate rock faces of Margalef, Ulldemolins served as an optimal location to maximize accessibility to supreme climbing.

The canyon walls of Siurana coming alive in the sunset


Tanner Mack climbing the conglomerate sculpted pockets of Margalef

Through the kindness of locals hosting us in their homes, we were able provide an intimate classroom environment that empowered students to learn in a way that simply could not be achieved in a traditional classroom.

Emma Price learning math
Students cooking and making memories in Ulldemolins

After three weeks sport climbing in one of the most renowned climbing regions on Earth, TCA put their ropes away and packed the vans with their crash pads to leave Cataluña and move to Albarracín. While the infamous sport climbing walls of Spain are often what draw climbers around the world to the vibrant southern European country, sandstone boulders scattered through the pine forests surrounding Albarracín are a secret beauty. Albarracín was established as a roman stronghold durning the time when the Moors governed Spain. TCA enjoyed a pleasant juxtaposition of ancient pictographs, roman castle walls and cathedrals, and the lush forests in which we climbed.

The original town of Albarracín
One of many sandstone boulders surrounding Albarracín

Through three weeks of sunny days, rainy days, and even snowy days, TCA managed to explore many—but not all—of the countless boulders scattered throughout Albarracín. As our time came to an end in Spain, so did the inaugural semester of The Climbing Academy.

Keep checking the blog for more updates, including students’ projects from our time in Spain, and our current adventures in Bishop, CA.

Siurana Photo Gallery:

Albarracín Photo Gallery:


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