January: Wonders of Eastern Europe – Poland and Baltic States

Jagala Waterfall ©Visit Estonia - https://www.flickr.com/photos/visitestonia/

A full immersion in the Baltic medieval gems, with a post II World War influence.

Suggested itinerary

Starting from Warsaw, your guests would spend the first few days in Poland. They would have the chance to visit the Capital – for 2 days of sightseeing in the beautiful historical city centre, tasting the local cuisine – and Bialystokthe largest city in north-eastern Poland. They would also stop in Treblinka for an emotional visit to the Concentration Camp.

Then it is time to explore the 3 Baltic States: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Other than the charming capitals and their beautiful Old Towns, the tour would include a visit to the magical Trakai Castle Island and the incredible Hill of Crosses in Lithuania, the beautiful Rundale Palace and the characteristic Gauja National Park in Latvia, and finally Jagala Waterfall, the widest natural waterfall in Estonia.

To the above itinerary we could also add a stop in Belarus to visit Minsk and its gorgeous sceneries.

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Sculpture on the Branicki Palace, Bialystok.


The largest city in the North-east region. Because of its location, the mix of Polish and Belorussian culture creates an atmosphere found in no other place. Important not to miss Baroque-style architecture of the Branicki Palace and the celebration of Polish art at the Arsenal Gallery.

Trakai Island


The magnificent Gothic-style Castle is the only one in East Europe built on an island. Its history and all the legends about its secret passages make the Castle one of the most visited sites in Lithuania. Today it is home to a museum of Lithuanian history and opera concerts are periodically held in the Castle.

Cathedral towers


It is Tallinn’s largest Orthodox church and one of the most monumental examples of Orthodox architecture in Estonia. The Tower boasts 11 bells, including Tallinn’s largest bell which weighs about 15 tons.


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