Venice and the golden rules for the tourists: is it going too far?

Last September, the Major of Venice announced new measures to tackle the bad behaviour of the tourists visiting the city, which include the ban to sit down in un-designated parts of the centre.

Sitting in the main tourist spots, such as St Mark’s Square and Rialto Bridge, has been already forbidden since last year. The new proposal would only aggravate the rules already in place.

This is all part of the #EnjoyRespectVenezia campaign started in 2017 by Mayor Luigi Brugnaro. His main goal is to preserve the beauty of Venice, despite the challenge posed by over-tourism.

The debate about the side effects of the plan is still ongoing and more and more people are concerned that the campaign could result in pushing the tourists away instead of educating them.

What we know for sure is that the following rules (and fines!) apply already:

  • Eating or drinking while sitting on the ground at designated sights (€200)
  • Using a bicycle in the city, or pushing one through the streets (€100)
  • Littering (€100-200)
  • Buying fake goods from unlicensed street vendors (€100-7,000)
  • Feeding pigeons or seagulls (€50-200)
  • Camping or erecting a tent (€50)
  • Defacing public or private property with graffiti (€400)
  • Attaching a padlock to a bridge or a monument (€100)
  • Walking the streets topless or in swimsuits (€200)
  • Swimming or diving in the canals (€450)

Please make sure that your TDs are well aware of the above regulation and will inform the clients when visiting Venice.


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