Potential new Visitors’ Tax in Venice from May 2019

As part of the #EnjoyRespectVenezia campaign started in 2017 by Mayor Luigi Brugnaro, the Municipality of Venice has presented a plan to introduce a new entry fee for all the daily visitors not staying in Venice overnight.

Over-tourism is a tough challenge for Venice, due to its particularity vulnerable infrastructure. The cost to maintain it is extremely high and the hit-and-run tourism creates overcrowding and environmental problems without delivering maximum revenue.  The new fee would help to preserve Venice for future generations to come.

Long-term visitors staying at hotels in the city would not be charged, but they would still pay the city tax for each night of their stay.

The areas subject to entry fee would be:

  • Venice main island (including “Ponte Della Liberta” which connects Venice Island to the mainland)
  • All the other islands which are part of the Municipality: Lido di Venezia – Malamocco – Alberoni – Venezia Pellestrina – Cà Roman – Murano – Burano – Torcello – Mazzorbo – Mazzorbetto – San Francesco del Deserto – Sant’Erasmo – Vignole – Certosa – Sant’Andrea – San Servolo – San Lazzaro degli Armeni – San Clemente – La Grazia – Sacca Sessola – Poveglia – Lazzaretto Vecchio – Lazzaretto Nuovo – Madonna del Monte – San Ariano – San Giacomo in Paludo – Fisolo – San Giorgio in Alga – Sant’Angelo della Polvere – Santo Spirito – San Secondo – La Cura – Santa Cristina – Motta San Lorenzo – Motta dei Cunicci – Crevan – Monte dell’Oro – San Felice delle Saline – Ottagono Malamocco – Ottagono Alberoni – Ottagono San Pietro – Ottagono di Cà Roman

There will be now a further discussion about any amendments and a final vote to approve the plan, but it looks like the new fee could be introduced starting from May already, when a transition period would start.

The fee would be €3 per person until the 31st December 2019. It would then increase to €6 per person in 2020, but it could be either lowered or increased according to the flow of tourists foreseen for the day:

  • “Bollino verde” – limited flow of tourists – €3 pp
  • “Bollino rosso” – critical flow – €8 pp
  • “Bollino nero” – extremely critical flow – €10 pp

We will keep monitoring the situation and post further updates as soon as they are available.


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