March: Scandinavia Highlights – Fjords Experience

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This month we go north and explore the breath-taking landscape of Scandinavia and in particular, the astonishing sceneries of Norway and Sweden.

Starting in Oslo, the tour would lead your clients through the Fekjo Natural Parks in Geilo – where it is possible to find the rests of a Viking Burial Ground – and through the second longest fjord in Norway, the Hardangerfjord, a mix between wild nature and deep culture and traditions.

They would then fall in love with Bergen, thanks to its characteristic city centre and many attractions, and where a cruise through the Fjords is a must. The Sognefjord and Geraingerfjord would definitely prove the majesty of the Nature in this region, with high peaks, waterfalls and impressive vegetation.

Sweden would add even more appeal to the tour, with scenic lakes, magnificent medieval castles and the beautiful Stockholm with its bridges and parks.

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View of the Fjord © Per Eide

GEIRANGEROne of the most outstanding places in the World, protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The picture speak for itself. The best way to enjoy it is on board of one of the Fjord cruises.

OREBRO CASTLEIt is a suggestive medieval Castle located in Orebro, a small town on the way to Stockholm. Perfect spot for nice pictures to bring back home!

ROLDAL STAVE CHURCHBuilt between 1200 and 1250, the church is famous for its healing crucifix. According to legend, the healing sweat is visible on the crucifix once a year on “Olsok” (July 6th).


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