Milan Linate Airport about to close for 3 months

The most central airport in Milan is going to close from July 27th to October 27th in order to allow renovation works on the runaway and terminal. The closure will affect millions of passengers during the holiday peak season.

Linate is the fifth-busiest airport in Italy. Its proximity to the city – only 7km east of the city centre – makes it the preferred airport among business and leisure travellers.

The majority of the flights will be re-routed to Milan Malpensa, a larger and busier airport which is located 49km northwest of the city. Malpensa is also the main hub for long-haul flights, including flights from/to Asia.

The increase in passengers – approximately two million who would travel during the three months of closure – could put pressure on the airport and create some congestion. It could also affect the availability of rooms in the Hotels located around Malpensa, usually included for tours starting/ending in Milan.

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