April: Round-trip discovering the Western Balkans

Bratislava Castle

The Balkan countries are one of the top destinations of the year and here at TCA we cannot miss the chance of taking you to a multicultural and totally unexpected experience.

You may think that summer is the perfect season to explore this incredible part of Europe, mostly because when we talk about Balkans the first image popping in our minds is about the beautiful Croatian beaches. The reality is that the region has much more to offer!

Spring (or early autumn) is definitely a less hot and less crowded season, which makes it a wonderful time of the year for an outing in the forest or a walk for history lovers, among buildings from a different era.

Our adventure would start and end in Vienna, only the first of the 6 European capitals included in our tour!

After a quick stop in Graz, where we could take the funicular and visit the beautiful Schlossberg Castle Hill, we would reach Zagreb. The capital of Croatia is most of the time missing from the main tourists itineraries, which usually choose to head straight to the Adriatic coastline, but Zagreb is a vibrant and cultural city, where you walk through 3 different eras: the Old Town built one thousand years ago, the Lower Town from the 19th century and the modern post-WW II neighbourhood.

We would spend the day at the Plitvice Lakes National Park, then cross the border with Bosnia Herzegovina for a couple of days visiting the beautiful cities of Mostar and Sarajevo, where traces of Ottoman history are still visible among modern European influences.

Moving north again, we would visit the wonders of Serbia, through the unexpected multicultural charm of Belgrade, where it is still possible to admire the signs of all the different civilisations that have inhabited the area through history, and the Art Nouveau architecture in Subotica and Palic.

We would end our tour with two more fascinating capitals of the East: Budapest, with its extraordinary buildings, the Danube embankments, and the iconic bridges, and Bratislava, with its castle, the St Martin’s Cathedral and the viewpoint from the Kamzik Tower.

The last stop would be the Parndorf Outlet in Austria for a day of shopping, shopping and shopping!

Itinerary map



Waterfall connecting two of the Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes National ParkIt is one of the most visited attractions in Croatia, other than its largest National Park. The outstanding natural value of the Park was recognised by the UNESCO in 1979, when it has been listed as World Heritage. The most visited part is certainly the lakes area, which actually covers just 1% of the total area of the Park. There are 16 larger and several smaller lakes, connected to each other by beautiful waterfalls. The Park is open all year around and offers 7 different routes to explore the lakes system.


Stari Most

Mostar – This little charming town has been indicated as the uncrowded alternative to Dubrovnik. It is famous for the most celebrated bridge in Bosnia, the Stari Most, built for the first time in the 16th century and destroyed during the civil war in the 90s. Considered an engineering masterpiece, it was rebuilt using the same building technique and same stones. Some of the locals perform the jump in the river from the Stari Most daily to entertain the tourists.


View of the Devin Castle from the Danube

Devin Castle – Located just a few kilometres far from Bratislava city centre, this Medieval Castle was built on a 200 metres cliff, overlooking the confluence of 2 important rivers of the region: the Danube and the Moldava. A part from the historical and cultural importance of the Castle, considered one of the national fellowship and unity symbol, its privileged position guarantees a spectacular panoramic view to the visitors. In good weather conditions it is also possible to see Vienna and the Alps in the background. Today the Castle is also home of the National Cultural Museum.

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