Brexit – An update

Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay

Two month after our post about the UK leaving the EU, explaining the causes and the uncertainty behind the lack of official agreement between the two parts, the Brexit-saga has still not come to a end.

In order to avoid the unfortunate no-deal scenariothe UK Government has asked, and obtained, a new deadline for the official exit from the EU. The UK will now have time until end of October to present and approve a suitable agreement.

For the inbound tourism, this means that at least for the imminent summer season the rules will remain the same. Long queues at airports and ports, and general disruptions travelling to/from UK would be hopefully avoided for the next few months.

In the meanwhile, the British government is already at work to minimise the impact on travellers by approving new regulations for passport control, like the possibility for nationals of non-EU countries to use the e-gates and speed the process when crossing the border.

At TCA, we will keep monitoring the situation with local authorities and our British suppliers in order to avoid any inconvenience on our tours.

Do not hesitate to contact our offices for further information.





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