BASQUE COUNTRY – A different taste of Spain

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This month we would like to take you to the beautiful Basque Country.

Situated in Northern Spain, near the border with France and overlooking the Bay of Biscay, this is one of the most peculiar Spanish regions. It has its own language, its own traditions, and a unique geographic and cultural landscape, but it is just a few-hours’ drive from main destinations like Madrid and Barcelona.

Your itinerary would start from Madrid, where your clients can enjoy the Capital’s most typical attractions, spend one afternoon full of shopping at Las Rozas Village and visit the beautiful Segovia, the UNESCO Heritage Site famous for its impressive Romanesque aqueduct.

Travelling north, some delicious wine tasting in the world famous Ribera del Duero region awaits you: this is the area where one of the most popular Spanish red wines is produced.

Then visit Burgos, a little medieval town on the banks of the Duero and Arlanza rivers, and its stunning Spanish-gothic cathedral.

In Bilbao, your clients would have the first glance of the Basque typical architecture allure, thanks to the famous Guggenheim Museum, the bridge designed by Santiago Calatrava, and the Azkuna Zentroa. They would also taste the “Txakoli”, the typical Basque aperitif wine.

They would then have the opportunity to experience the astonishing countryside and the Atlantic coast, with unmissable photo spots like the Mirador de San Juan and at the Forest of Oma, before arriving in San Sebastian. Here they can admire La Concha, the most beautiful urban beach in Europe, and enjoy the famous Pintxos (the Basque version of the tapas).

Following a second wine tasting in the Rioja Alavesa wine region, they will head to Zaragoza – and its beautiful 2,000 years old city centre – and then enjoy a couple of days in Barcelona.

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Why not combine this tour with a few more days in South of France, visiting Montpellier, Cannes and Nice? Call our office for a tailor-made quote!



San Juan de Gatzelugatze ©Basquetour Agencia Vasca de turismo

San Juan de Gatzelugatze – It is located between the towns of Bakio and Bermeo in the Biscayan coast, and is about 45 minutes’ drive from Bilbao. Its name means “Castle rock” and you can easily understand why. The island is connected to the mainland by a stone bridge and it features a tiny church on the highest point, which is dedicated to Jean the Baptist. According to the legend, you have to climb the 241 steps of the bridge and ring the church’s bell 13 times to scare away the evil spirits and wish for good luck.


Biosphere Reserve – Image by ExploraSocialMarketing from Pixabay 

URDAIBAI – This is the natural gem of the Basque Country. Declared biosphere reserve by the UNESCO for its outstanding beauty and diversity, it includes incredible beaches, stunning landscapes along the banks of the river Urdaibai, the Animated Forest of Oma – a real open air exhibition – and the iconic city of Guernica, known for the Picasso’s most famous painting and very important for the Basque people because here they were granted autonomy in the Middle Ages.


Bodegas Ysios ©Basquetour Agencia Vasca de turismo

LAGUARDIA & Wineries – Located on a hill in one of the most famous Spanish wine area, it is a little medieval town surrounded by vineyards originally founded as a military fort. Its main characteristic is the underground tunnels, used in the past as ways to escape an invasion or attack. Today they have been transformed in cellars that tourists can visit and where they can taste a nice glass of wine. Just outside its walls, it is possible to visit some of the most beautiful and modern wineries in the country: YSIOS designed by Santiago Calatrava and VINA REAL designed by Philippe Mazieres.


View of the beach ©Basquetour Agencia Vasca de turismo

SAN SEBASTIAN – The jewel in the crown of the Basque Country. San Sebastian is considered the Basque culinary capital for its celebration of Spanish food – it is a must to sit in one of the main cafes and enjoy the Pintxos with a chilled glass of Txakoli. It will also surprise the visitors with a picturesque coastline.


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