TCA commitment in reducing plastic impact on its tours

This past year The Travel Corporation (TTC) and our family of brands, which includes Travel Corporation Asia (TCA), celebrated ten years of our TreadRight Foundation.

TreadRight is our global guide that directs all of our efforts and our commitment to protecting the communities we visit, the wildlife we interact with, and the planet we all share.

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, we have worked very hard to measure and reduce the water and energy use and waste output at our global offices.

The travel industry is unfortunately a major contributor to one of the greatest threats to our oceans today: plastic. Travellers use plastic products on a daily basis on their travels, but it can take up to 1,000 years to break down.

We want to change that. In summer 2018, led by TreadRight, TTC committed publicly to eliminating all non-essential single-use plastics across all operations by 2022, across all of its brands. This latest initiative is expected to reduce plastic waste by several hundred thousand plastic bottles per year.

Having already removed most single use plastics from our offices, our next step is removing all unnecessary single use plastics from our supply chain, and on all our trips on the road.

We work with our valued partners to replace any kind of single use plastic water bottle made available to guests on any of our coaches with more environmentally friendly alternatives.

We hope that you agree to work with us on this effort and you will join us in our journey to total elimination of all non-essential single use plastics from our operations in the coming years.

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