Single use plastic banned in Capri and Sorrento

In line with the European Union decision to ban all single use plastic by 2021, the Island of Capri and the city of Sorrento have announced that starting from the 1st of May 2019 the use of plastic bags, cups, utensils, water bottles, straws and even coffee stirrers that are not biodegradable is officially prohibited.

With millions of tourists each year, the popular Italian destinations are struggling to deal with all the rubbish they leave behind. Especially on the beaches, the coastal strip and the Blue Grotto, one of the most visited attractions in the area.

Most of our plastic waste ends into the ocean and will be there for the next 450 years. Decomposing plastic releases toxic chemicals into our ocean. In addition, micro plastics will unknowingly be eaten by the fishes, which we will consume when we eat seafood.

This endangers both our ocean and ourselves.

The order allows 90 days for the exhaustion of stocks and warehouse deposits, then everyone caught using not biodegradable and reusable plastic will be fined up to €500.

The city of Pompeii has already announced that the same ban will be introduced in August 2019, and we expect many more to follow in the next months.

Please inform your staff and Tour Leaders about the new regulations in order to avoid any issue on tour and help to preserve these beautiful destinations.


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