Alpine Lakes – road to incredible natural wonders

Lake Garda - Image by Bernd Hildebrandt

What do Italy and Switzerland share? The Alps, that is right…and most importantly, the beautiful and must-see scenery that these mountains offer to visitors from around the world.

One of the most exciting ways of discovering this part of Europe is by visiting the numerous lakes nestled among the peaks, which for centuries have been home to charming villages and cultures.

Arriving to Venice, you could not start the tour in a better way.

Enjoy the visit to the unique city on the lagoon, and marvel at how the Murano’s masters shape the finest glass in the world.

Add a stop in Verona, the charming town associated to the famous lovers, Romeo & Juliet, and taste some local wine before being amazed by the beauties of the largest and most visited lake in Italy, Lake Garda. Visit the southern shore, where the Sirmione peninsula stands with its imposing castle, the Roman ruins and thermal spas.

Juliet’s balcony, Verona – Image by Paolo Dadda

Shopping lovers should include some free time in Milan before continuing on to another beautiful lake: Lake Como! Located at the foot of the Alps and shaped like an inverted letter “Y”, Lake Como is the most picturesque lake on the Italian side, offering unique spots for group photos.

Among the little villages on the shore, Bellagio is definitely worth a visit.

After a restoring overnight in Como, two more lakes are waiting to be discovered: Lake Lugano, where a cruise would give your clients the chance to explore the diversity of its bay and the northern shore of Lake Maggiore, where Locarno – the sunniest city in Switzerland – offers a view on lush green mountains and spectacular valleys.

Travelling north through the beautiful Swiss countryside, be prepared for another stunning panorama: the beautiful Lake Lucerne. This place has so much to offer that you would struggle to choose what to include in your tour: a city walk in Lucerne, an excursion on the Mount Pilatus, a cruise on the lake … there is something for every taste!

The Pilatus Railway, Switzerland – Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel

Next stop would be Interlaken, the charming city nestled between Lake Brienz and Thun. Both summer and winter are perfect seasons to visit the town and its surroundings, weather you prefer a dinner cruise on Lake Thun or a lunch with a stunning view of the Jungfraujogh.

Last but not least, Lake Geneva is the perfect conclusion of this tour. Here as well, you would have plenty of activities to choose from: a cruise to the thermal city of Evian-le-Bain, a city tour of Lausanne, a visit to the UNESCO-listed vineyards or to the factory of the world-famous cheese, the Gruyere.

There is so much to discover and explore on this itinerary! Do not waste another minute and contact us for a quote!




Rocca Scaligera, Sirmione – Image by Gianni Crestani

Sirmioneit is a pretty historical town located on a thin peninsula, very well known for its thermal waters since the Romans. The city centre is dominated by the 13th-century fortress Rocca Scaligera, a real fairy tale building protected by a moat, and by the ruins of the Villa Romana, often linked to the poet Catullus who lived in Sirmione with its family. A panoramic walk leads on the lake-shore and offers stunning views of the lake and the mountains on a clear day.

Lake Como – © Archivio Comune di Como

Como – known as the city of silk for many centuries thanks to the world-famous production of fine fabrics, it still remains an important reference for all major fashion houses and manufacturers. Today it is still surrounded by well-preserved medieval walls and towers, which deserve to be part of a guided tour together with the Cathedral, the Tempio Voltiano and the Volta Lighthouse. A lake cruise to Bellagio will offers a unique view of the beautiful villas on the lake-shore.

Lucerne – Image by kevin xiao

Lucerne – the city of world-famous sights such as the Chapel Bridge – the oldest wooden bridge in Europe – the octagonal Water Tower, the Jesuit Church and the KKL Luzern Culture and Convention Centre. On a guided tour your clients will learn important and humorous facts about the history of Lucerne, discover hidden alleys and even catch a glimpse of the city’s “crown”, the Musegg Wall.

Jungfraujoch  – ©Jungfrau Top of Europe

Junghfraujoch – Right in the heart of the UNESCO heritage site “Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch”, between the Monch and Jungfrau peaks, it is possible to pay a visit to the highest-altitude railway station at 3454 meters above sea level. It is one of the most spectacular attractions in the world. Thanks to the Jungfrau railway, for more than 100 years visitors have easily passed through a 7 km tunnel leading to the top, and offering an amazing view on the Eismeer (Sea of Ice) Glacier. Once on the top, a wonder world made of ice, snow and stunning views takes the breath away. The station includes the Ice Palace, the Sphinx Observation Deck, 3 restaurants and souvenir shops.





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