PARIS Low Emission Zone – Updates

Image by Johannes Plenio

From July 2019, a new phase of Paris municipality’s low emissions plan will be in place.

All coaches are required to meet at least Euro 5 emission standard (registered after 1 October 2009) to enter the Central Paris ZCR low emission zone (within Boulevard Pheripherique ring road). This is valid between 8am and 8pm 7 days a week.

In addition, always from July 2019 the new Greater Paris low emission zone ZFE starts. All coaches entering the area within A86 ring road (plus a small area beyond) will need to comply with at least Euro 4 standard (registered from 1 October 2006). The times of operation are the same as the Central Paris low emission zone.

Any vehicle not meeting the requirements will incur in a €135 fine. The new regulation will be in place until 2022, when stricter rules will be introduced.

Please contact our offices for more details about the affected areas.



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