LOUVRE – Temporary new location for the Mona Lisa

Due to the ongoing renovation works in some areas of the museum, the Louvre has announced that the portrait of Mona Lisa will be transferred to a different gallery for a few months.

The Salle des Etats where the famous portrait is usually displayed is currently under renovation. Almost all of the paintings in the hall have been already moved to other locations within the museum in order to ensure a better progress of the works.

mona-lisa-74050_1920The Louvre Museum has decided to exceptionally move the Mona Lisa in the Medici Gallery, located on the 2nd floor of the wing Richelieu (room 801), from July 17 until the end of the renovation, mid-October 2019. The Medici Gallery is one of the largest in the Louvre and can accommodate the thousands of daily visitors who wish to admire the masterpiece of Leonard da Vinci, guaranteeing the best conditions during their visit.

Being an artwork extremely fragile, the Mona Lisa will be displayed in an air-conditioned and secured showcase specially designed for the portrait.



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