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Lake Bohinj

Slovenia is a “pocket-size” country that you can cross in less than 4 hours’ drive, but it has got everything you need for a memorable vacation. Nowhere else you will find such diversity packed on such a tiny piece of land. And this makes it so attractive at any time of the year.

It allows any visitor to combine adventurous excursions on the Julian Alps, delicious food and wine tasting in the Kars region, and relaxing walks on the Mediterranean coast.

Slovenia vs Europe

Thanks to its unique location, Slovenia is also very easy to include in your itineraries: it is surrounded by some of the most beautiful countries in Europe and it is easily reachable from Vienna, Budapest, Zagreb and Venice, connecting Austria and Italy to the Balkan Countries.

Here below you will find some suggestions on experiences that cannot miss in your itinerary, and that will make your clients want to visit back again and again.


  1. Connect with nature thanks to the yoga trekking experience in the heart of the Triglav National Park: Outdoor yoga session is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to spend the day connected with nature and find the inner balance and peace. You will start with a guided easy-path trekking that will lead by the magic Mostnica gorge and to the magnificent Mostnica Waterfall. During the walk, you will enjoy short stops at the most beautiful viewpoints and purify your lungs with fresh air thanks to the ‘’pranayama breathing techniques’’. Once in the beautiful Voje valley, surrounded by the highest Slovenian mountains, the gentle practice of yoga will helps you to recharge your “batteries” and connect with nature.
  1. Take the electric boat across Lake Bohinj and enjoy a picturesque trekking to the Savica Waterfall: You have probably heard about the beautiful Lake Bled in Slovenia, but what you do not know is that there is an even more beautiful lake just 26 km southwest from Bled. Lake Bohinj has got blue-green waters and is less crowded and more authentic. Experience a guided boat ride across the lake followed by a 2 hour trekking adventure to the magnificent Savica waterfall, the famous A-shaped waterfall that has often been written about by well-known Slovenian poets and writers.
Savica Waterfall – ©Mitja Sodja, Turizem Bohinj,


  1. Join a trekking excursion to the “Devil’s Bridge”: if you are up for a half day adventure, this is what you definitely want to do. The tour starts in a Bohinj traditional village named Stara Fužina (Old Iron Foundry in Slovene), which dates back to the Roman Empire and still preserves the old rural houses with original frescoes. From here, you will walk along a spectacular natural trail that will lead you to the Hudičev most (the Devil’s bridge) over the Mostnica River. While enjoying the view of the magnificent 30 m deep canyon, your guide will tell about the bridge legend and how it got its name. You will then keep walking to the Bohinj Lake and reach the little shop where you will have the chance to buy traditional meet and cheese products from Bohinj natives. The tour will end at the outflow of the Sava Bohinjka River, where you will visit the famous St. John the Baptist church. This is an easy track and participants just need to wear good walking shoes.
  1. Visit the Beekeeping Education Centre: Slovenia is very well known for the quality of its honey and for the long tradition in apiculture. It has been actually named the “heart and soul of beekeeping” in Europe. Thanks to an expert guide at the Beekeeping Education Centre in Gorenjska you will learn about the modern beekeeping technique and the unique Slovenian method. The Centre is located in the Alpine region, at the border with Austria, and it is a very convenient stop on your way to/from Ljubljana. You will see the apiary with an observation hive, the honey bottling and honeycomb production facilities. At the end of the tour you will have the chance to taste some honey and also buy some special honey products to bring home. In addition to the visit, you can also take part in one of the workshops organised by the Centre and either make wax candles or help painting the colourful panels of the Slovenian beehives. The painting is a typical Slovenian tradition: the beehives are decorated with scenes and characters from folk tales because it helps the bees find their way home and makes it easier for the beekeeper to distinguish between bees colonies
©Aleš Fevžer –


  1. Spend an evening tasting local food while learning traditional dances: Once in Ljubljana, book a traditional Slovenian evening where a folkdance group in costumes will welcome your guests. During a traditional local dinner in one of the most typical restaurants in the capital, the dancers will entertain the guests with a few dances from different regions of Slovenia and also involve them in amusing dances and games. A fun and different way of immersing yourself in the Slovenian culture. Ideal also for incentive groups.
Slovenia Evening
©Slovenian Evenings


  1. Embark in an exclusive river cruise and bio dining experience in the Ljubljana Marshes: Add a special twist to your visit to Ljubljana. Right outside the city, an organic farm immersed in a beautiful protected natural area will offer the opportunity to enjoy a lovely a completely organic meal prepared exclusively from domestic certified products. The Estate was built from the surrounding natural and recycled materials and is a completely ecologically oriented property. Take a boat from Ljubljana city centre for a lovely 50 minutes cruise on the Ljubljanica River. Your hosts will wait for you at the dock and will lead you to a guided tour of the farm, giving details about the cultural and natural heritage of the area as well as a demonstration of cold oil pressing. Enjoy some typical Slovenian food in an exclusive magical surrounding.
  1. Explore the most amazing cave in Postojna: just 1-hour drive from Ljubljana, the Postojna Cave offers the most amazing underworld experience. Take a ride on the underground train and enjoy a 3.7-km-long journey on the world’s only double-track cave railway. Then follow an expert guide to explore the cave carved by the Pivka River over millions of years. For more than 24 kilometres the cave scenery changes and offers an incredible landscape: you can see soaring mountains, hear the murmur of rivers and walk around vast subterranean halls with entrances to narrow passages. Postojna Cave is also the only place in the world where you can see the Olm or “Baby Dragon”, a 25-30 centimetres long amphibian with pale skin and a snake-like body, which is believed to live in the cave since prehistoric times and can survive 12 years without food! Cave tours are suitable for all visitors, including families with young children and visitors with mobility issues.
©Iztok Medja, Postojnska jama d.d. Postojna,


  1. Become a Lipizzan horse expert: In the middle of the Karst region, on your way to the beautiful Mediterranean coast, take the opportunity to visit one of the oldest European stud farms, which has been breeding for more than 400 years a unique cultural horse breeds – the Lipizzan horse. Take a guided tour to learn the history of the farm all the way from its foundation and find out everything you want to know about Lipica and the Lipizzan horse. You can marvel at their elegance while watching shows and classical riding training. You can connect with these magnificent horses. Just a clear mind and positive thoughts are enough to convince a horse to trust and approach you.



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