Make Travel Matter – Our Pledge

On World Tourism Day, the world is looking to the potential impact our travel has on the world.

Powered by our not-profit foundation, TreadRight, we are making public our commitment to Make Travel Matter for the better.

Inspired by leading destinations across the globe, every one of our team members and sister companies worldwide are pledging to make travel matter.

The TreadRight Foundation mission is to protect wildlife and marine life, and to make sure that we have a positive impact on the people and communities we visit.

Inspired by the belief that travel is an incredible gift that comes with the responsibility of protecting the planet as we know it, TreadRight has already supported more than 50 sustainable tourism projects worldwide, including some important initiatives in Europe.

From financing the rescue operation of monuments in Venice to helping preserve England coastline from potential degradation, we have partnered with leading responsible tourism and sustainable European travel organizations.

Our pledge stands for people, for wildlife and for our planet.

It is an opportunity for all members of the Travel Corporation family of brands to stand up and publicly affirm our ethos as travelers, as travel providers and as destination stewards.

It is another step on our journey towards sustainability in the travel and tourism space.

Help us to Make Travel Matter:


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