BARCELONA – Disruptive protests likely to continue through the weekend

Further disruptive protests by Catalonia independence activists are likely to take place in the coming days and through the weekend.

Groups visiting Barcelona may still be affected by disruptions and delays on the road.

Violent demonstrations already took place in Barcelona and the rest of Catalonia last week. Protesters erected roadblocks with burning materials in Barcelona and clashed with police near the federal government headquarters. Disruptive protests also took place near tourist sites in Barcelona, including the Casa Mila. Typical protest locations are central squares and main roads.

Activists targeted transport infrastructure throughout the region by blocking highways, rail networks, and Barcelona El Prat Airport (BCN), resulting in significant transport disruption, including the cancellation of around 80 flights.

It looks like protesters are organising short-notice demonstrations online, in order to reduce the intervention of the security forces. Therefore, protests can take place with little warning.

We are monitoring the situation with our local partners and we are going to provide updates as soon as they are available.

Please contact our offices for further information.

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