MODENA – Land of cars and balsamic vinegar

There is a place in Italy that it is a combination of everything quintessentially Italian: amazing food, incredible architecture and world’s best cars. That place is Modena.

Located on the beautiful Po river flat plain, 40 Km from Bologna and 130 from Florence, Modena is home to the authentic balsamic vinegar, giant stuffed tortellini and Lambrusco wine.

Even if you are not a foodie, there is still plenty of stuff that will make you fall in love with the city: the beautiful Cathedral listed as UNESCO Heritage site and the world’s first Ferrari Museum are just 2 examples.

Let us show you what unique experiences you can add to your itinerary by visiting this incredible part of Italy.

Modena Duomo

Be amazed by the art and architecture: The Palazzo Ducale of Modena can be considered the first and most beautiful Baroque palace in Europe. It was the home of the Duke of Este’s court and today hosts the headquarters of the Italian Military Academy. The Ghirlandina Tower is the symbol of Modena. It has got its nickname because of the double ring of parapets that crown its steeple, that according to Modena’s inhabitants are “as light as garlands”. Together with the Cathedral, the Tower was listed as UNESCO World Heritage in 1997.


Visit the most famous car factories and museums: For everybody passionate about race cars Modena is absolutely the place to be. All the most famous brands in the world have their factories and museums in Modena: Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini among them. The Enzo Ferrari Museum is a full immersion in the world of the Prancing Horse and homage to the life of the founder of the Company. The Maserati Factory tour gives the opportunity to learn about the history and passion behind its stylish sport cars, with a guided tour that will also take you around the famous assembly lines. Contact our offices for more tours and information.

Typical Tortellini

Taste local food: The culinary tradition in Modena and its region is one of the most well-known and appreciated in Italy. Sparkling Lambrusco, Parmigiano Reggiano and the famous Italian Prosciutto are among the typical products that you can taste during your visit. Enrich your itinerary with visits to farms throughout the province that produce Prosciutto di Modena or the famous Modena Balsamic Vinegar. They can be combined with tastings and meals in an amazing setting among the Emilia Romagna hills, for a truly regional experience.

Explore the surroundings: the city of Modena is surrounded by a beautiful valley, offering incredible leisure opportunities. Just a few kilometres from the city some charming villages are just waiting to be discovered. For example Carpi, a pearl of the Renaissance and home of one of the largest square in Italy; or Nonantola, with its Sant’Anselmo Abbey founded in 742, where you can admire the Staturoteca, a byzantine double cross of the XI Century that according to the tradition contains a fragment of the Holy Cross.

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