Venice tourism tax for day-trip visitors now set for July 2020

Earlier this year, the Municipality of Venice announced the introduction of a new entry fee for all the daily visitors not staying in Venice overnight. This new fee is now set to be implemented in July 2020.

The main reasons of the introduction of the tax are:

  • Regulate the number of tourists and control the over-tourism in the city.
  • Use the money raised to maintain infrastructure such as pavements, canal banks, bridges and for cleaning and waste removal operations.

Long-term visitors staying at hotels in the city would not be charged, but they would still pay the city tax for each night of their stay.

The tax would apply to tourists arriving by coach, cruise ship, water taxi, plane, or train. It will also apply to islands in the Venetian lagoon, such as Murano and Burano.

The exact amount will be decided closer to the date, but it should be between €3 and €10 per person.

Further updates will be posted as soon as they are available.


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