AMSTERDAM – Tourist Taxes increase in 2020 confirmed

On the 7th November the City Council in Amsterdam has approved the new tourist taxes increase that will be implemented in 2020.

It was already announced in July that from the 1st of January, a €3 fixed rate per person per night will be charged on top of the 7% net cost of room (excluding breakfast, food & beverage and room service) which already applies for overnight stays. The fixed cost is charged for stays of maximum 21 nights and children under 16 years old are exempt.

The Vermakelijkhedenretributie (VMR or Entertainment tax) which is applicable to passengers on sightseeing canal boat and bus tours, will also increase to €1.50 per person (it was €0.66 in 2019).  On 7 November 2019 it was decided that the VMR tax will NOT be applicable to guided tours until January 2021.

There is also a new proposal for guiding tours regulation in the city centre, which would be even stricter that the current one. The new plan will be discussed and voted by the Council in March 2020, but it is supposed to be implemented in April already.

The main points that will affect group tours include the ban in the Red Light District for group walking tours with more than four people and the limit for group size allowed in the city centre which will decrease to 15 people (currently the limit is 20 pax).

We are in contact with our local partners in order to monitor the situation and we will post more updates as soon as they are available.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.





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