Summer Adventure in Lapland

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Trip to Finland and Sweden for a truly local experience

Lapland, the beautiful region located in one of the northernmost region of Europe can be defined as the closest think on Earth to the magic of winter wonderland.

But summer in Lapland will surprise and amaze you as much as winter time. Dark Arctic winters have their counterpart in one of the most spectacular natural phenomena, the Midnight Sun.

With nights almost as light as day, people and nature come to life. The range of activities that you can experience at night time increase amazingly.

A part from nocturnal swim and sauna (definitely a must under the Midnight Sun), here below you will find some of our best suggestions on unforgettable experiences for a truly Lappish summer trip.

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Cruise on Lake Inari: While you are visiting Inari, the centre of Sami culture in Finland, take a cruise on the beautiful lake Inari. It is the third largest lake in Finland and is home to over 3300 islands. See from short distance the sacred Ukko Island that was used as a Sámi sacrificial offering ground right up until the 19th century. The night cruise is also a unique opportunity to appreciate the atmosphere and colours of the Midnight Sun.

Sunset coloring the shore of lake Inari in Lapland, Finland.
Midnight Sun on Lake Inari ©LightMade Photograph/

Panning gold like a Finn: what could be more fun and unique than gold panning experience in Lapland? Some of the purest gold has been found in Finnish Lapland, where the panning tradition started in 1869. Today visitors can learn about gold prospecting at the only authentic European gold mining village just half an hour from Saariselka. And if you need another reason to include this in your itinerary, found gold and precious stones are yours to keep!

Authentic Sami farm: Meeting Sami people and learning about their culture is a must for any authentic Lappish experience. The Sami have lived in Lapland for thousands of years, long before today’s countries even existed. Do not miss the chance of visiting one of the most authentic reindeer farms. Meet the hosts dressed in colourful Sámi clothing, feed the reindeers and listen to stories about reindeer herders’ history and modern times.

Caucasian pretty woman feeding reindeer in eco farm.

Lampivaara Amethyst mine: located 120km north from Rovaniemi, in the middle of Pyhä-Luosto national park, this mine is a unique attraction in Finnish Lapland. The mine was formed billions of years ago and it is still running today. The view from the mine is breath-taking and the site is full of positive energy coming from this incredible stone. During a guided tour you will hear fascinating stories about the geology and history of Lampivaara, before digging your own lucky amethyst to keep and visit the small shop where you can buy amethyst souvenirs.

Ice and snow in Kemi: Kemi is a beautiful historic wooden village on the Gulf of Bothnia and home to the biggest snow castle in the world. It is now possible to visit part of the castle during spring and summer as well, where everything is built out of snow & ice and the temperature stays at a chilly -5° all-year-round. Enjoy also a meal in the marvellous seaview restaurant with a big terrace on the top floor.

Gammelstad – ©Peter Rosen/

Swedish vibes in Lulea: Lulea is the biggest town in Swedish Lapland and it is also a vibrant city where you will find shopping, entertainment and a wide offer of White Guide listed restaurants. A visit to the Gammelstad Church Town, the historic city listed as UNESCO World Heritage since 1996, is a must.

Kiruna Iron Mine: Kiruna is home to the largest underground iron ore mine of the world, located one hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle. Learn about the fascinating operation where the ore is mined far below the surface using remotely operated machines and driverless trains, and find out why the entire town is about to relocate because of the mine and the ore deposits.

Kiruna – ©JonatanStålhös/

Phototour into the wild: Discover the Abisko National Park in a totally different way. Thanks to an expert photographer, who will lead you to the best spots and give the best tips, you will learn how to take the most incredible pictures of arctic landscape, flowers and animals. The experience can be also combined with a special Sami dinner.

Abisko National Park – ©Katja Kristoferson/Folio/


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