Overtourism and the need for a new approach to travel

By Fokussiert/stock.adobe.com

In the last couple of years the media and the leaders in the travel industry have started to highlight the negative impact of tourism in some communities.

This is when we have started hearing the word “overtourism” more and more…

Thanks to more affordable transport and accommodation options, higher incomes and heavy promotions by certain destinations, the number of tourists able to go places has increased exponentially.

In some areas, tourism has negatively influenced both the quality of life of the locals and the quality of the experiences for the visitors. This is where the perception of tourism has changed and some communities have started to ask for more regulations to control the number of visitors.

Crowd of tourists from all over the world on St. Mark's Square
A crowded St. Mark’s Square in Venice, by Lichtwolke/stock.adobe.com

Just to name a few : last year Venice introduced a tax to enter the city, Rome banned “bad” behaviour to protect its main attractions, Amsterdam approved more severe regulations and several other destinations in Europe have also introduced taxes and capped the number of visitors.

These initiatives have set a new trend for a better controlled and managed tourism that is spreading to many places not only in Europe, but around the World.

Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon in Iceland
Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon in Iceland. The number of visitors has recently increased exponentially, forcing the site to close for recovery a few times since 2017. By Jennifer/stock.adobe.com

As industry professionals and destination experts, we cannot ignore the need for a different and more thoughtful approach when choosing our products.

Our commitment is to promote a more responsible tourism by focusing on off-the-beaten-track destinations and more authentic experiences. We want to create unforgettable holidays for our clients, when they will get to know local cultures and ways of life and will enjoy more what Europe has to offer.

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