Republic of San Marino – A walk through history and freedom

San Marino Republic, medieval Guaita first tower on a rocky cliff and panoramic view of Romagna. By stevanzz/

Nestled on one of the Italian Peninsula hills, just 1 hour and half drive from Bologna, the Republic of San Marino is one of the oldest and smallest countries in the world.

According to the legend, the first community was founded by a Dalmatian refugee named Marino who found shelter on the Mount Titano in 301 A.D. Since then, the territory has always been possessed by the people of San Marino and remains under their control.


Map of Europe - San Marino (Vintage Series)
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Today, the Republic of San Marino is a big open-air museum listed as UNESCO World Heritage, about the history of a country which over the centuries has always known how to enhance the value of its independence and freedom.

It is also a more relaxed alternative to the Tuscan countryside, where you can enjoy unspoiled land, rolling hills, wineries and fortresses during a perfect day trip.



Piazza della Libertà
Piazza della Liberta’ with Palazzo Pubblico, by tagorart/

Palazzo Pubblico: It is San Marino’s official seat of government, overlooking the main square of the City of San Marino – the Republic’s capital. Visitors can watch a small video about the history of the country, visit the ornate Hall of the Council and peek into the presidential waiting lounge, where citizens can book a meeting with the president. Not to be missed id the traditional Changing of the Guard that takes place several times daily from late June to mid-September.

Famous Cava dei Balestrieri in San Marino, used for sports, in particular the Italian crossbow..
Famous Cava dei Balestrieri, by emiliano/

Cava dei Balestrieri: literally the “Quarry of the Crossbowmen”, it is the space where traditional festivities are held such as flag waving or crossbow demonstrations. The crossbow has always been an important part of San Marino’s tradition and, even if today they don’t have a military purpose anymore, the San Marino Crossbow Corps count around 80 volunteers that dress in traditional medieval clothes and perform regularly. The performances really evoke the medieval atmosphere of the ancient city as well as providing fabulous opportunities for photos.

Rocca della Guaita, the most ancient fortress of San Marino
Rocca della Guaita, the most ancient fortress of San Marino, by Oleg Zhukov/

The Towers: Rocca Guaita and Torre Cesta are two medieval fortress towers located on top of Mount Titano. They are part of a set of three represented on the Republic’s flag, but the only two that can be visited by tourists. Other than the weaponry museum that you can visit inside Torre Cesta, the stunning view that you can enjoy from the towers stretches as far as the Dalmatian Coast, as well as over the nearby Apennines.



San Marino Castle at Sunrise
Witches’ Path at sunrise, by evgo/

Walk through natural beauties: Meet our local experts and learn more about the culture of San Marino and how they manage to keep their independence through history, while walking on beautiful natural paths. It could be either an easy walk on the Witches’ Path that connects the Towers or a light hiking on the hills surrounding the capital combined with a visit to the local vineyard.

Delicious tortellini with meat in tomato sauce.
Delicious tortellini with meat in tomato sauce, by gkrphoto/

Taste the local food: The cuisine is simple and delicious, a mix between inspirations from the neighbouring Italian regions and local traditions. Try the typical fresh pasta, like tagliatelle, pappardelle and tortellini with beef ragu and the “Torta tre torri” (chocolate and hazelnut layer cake). Make your meal complete with delicious local wine and a glass of Tilus, a truffle infused after-dinner liquor.




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