ALHAMBRA PALACE – New booking procedures from March 2020

By Shchipkova Elena/

The Board of the Alhambra and Generalife has confirmed that a new booking procedure will be in place for tickets to the Alhambra Palace. The procedure will be effective from the 1st March and apply to bookings from May 2020 onward.

Part of the tickets will be released up to 1 year in advance and new important conditions will affect group bookings:

  • From the 1st March, allocations to authorised travel agencies and operators will not be available anymore. Everyone (public or travel agents / operators) will have access to 70% of the available tickets (30% being retained by the Alhambra for Public institutions) through the Alhambra website;
  • Maximum 30 tickets per booking including Tour Leader;
  • Maximum 30 guests are allowed per guide, including Tour Leader;
  • If your group has got more than 30 guests, a second booking (and second guide) is required with relevant additional costs.
  • Guests full names (as showed on their passports) and passport numbers are required at the time of booking. The earlier these details are provided the sooner we can proceed with the confirmation of the tickets and guarantee the most suitable time slot;
  • Every ticket will be checked at the entrance to The Alhambra. The access will be refused to any guest with incorrect name or passport information on their ticket. No refund will be given in this case;
  • It would be only possible (but not guaranteed) to amend guests information on the tickets up to 2 working days before the day of the visit, as per below:
    – for bookings from 5 to 9 tickets: 1 name
    – for bookings from 10 to 19 tickets: 2 names
    – for bookings from 20 to 30 tickets: 3 names
  • Change of date or time of the booking will result in full cancellation charges. No amendments to date and time are allowed as soon as the tickets are confirmed;
  • The same time slot cannot be guaranteed if additional tickets are required for the group after confirmation of the booking. In this case, if the group need to be split across different time slots, supplements for extra services will be charged (i.e. extra local guide).

We understand the new procedure is quite strict and could cause some frustration, especially at the beginning. Our Team is always at your disposal in case you need further clarifications and advice.


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