CoVid19 – Italy update

Effective from 10th March 2020 the whole of Italy has been put on lockdown as a measure to try to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

This new government decree overrides the previous one passed over the past weekend, which only affected northern and some central areas.

Please find below measures in place :

  • As previously advised all museums and archaeological sites across Italy are to remain closed until 3rd April 2020.
  • All public gatherings (indoor and outdoor) and sports events (including football matches) have been stopped.
  • Schools and universities are closed until 3 April.
  • People should not move around apart from for work and emergencies.
  • Bars and restaurants are only allowed to open between 6am to 6pm, but they also have to guarantee customers are at least one metre apart.
  • Shops can remain open if they are able to guarantee the one-metre safety distance for customers. Food stores are allowed to remain open at all hours.

All non-essential travel to/from and within Italy is banned.



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