CoVid19 – Latest updates on border closures in Europe

Various European countries have closed their borders:

  • Denmark: Bans all foreigners from entering without a valid purpose (such as residency or emergency family visit).
  • Poland: Foreigners banned from entering from Sunday 15 March.
  • Czech Republic: Bans all foreigners from entering the country.
  • Slovakia: Closes borders to all foreigners.
  • Austria: Closes three land border. crossings with Italy to all foreigners.
  • Ukraine: Closes border crossings to foreigners for two weeks.
  • Hungary: Closes land borders with Austria and Slovenia.
  • Slovenia: Closes six border crossings with Italy. Bus and train travel suspended. Foreigners may only enter with a medical certificate issued within three days.
  • Serbia: Closes border crossings with Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia.
  • Romania: Closes borders with Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Moldova.
  • Albania: Closes borders with Montenegro, Kosovo and North Macedonia

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