Stories in 100 Words.

As we wrap up our time here at the climbing academy I find my self trying to sum up the past six weeks with in the confines of a couple hundred words. Even though this is what I wanted to accomplish with this project, it is just now dawning on me that it is quite impossible to capture the essence of Spain with in a series of hundred word stories. We have been fortunate enough to have so many amazing experiences with so many amazing people, which in turn has made it difficult for me to pick out the moments that capture Spain the best … More Stories in 100 Words.

Study Finds Air Beta Spray To Be Completely Useless

The implications of this study are serious and will have widespread effects. There are few climbers who can truly say they’ve never air-sprayed someone, and even fewer who have never attempted to verbally describe a climb’s beta. Now that people understand that these efforts have no meaning, there will likely be an influx of amateur climbing videos and Instagram posts with long captions that explain every individual move of the crux, the number of times they hung, and how “it feels really hard right now, but I think it’ll go.” … More Study Finds Air Beta Spray To Be Completely Useless

TCA’s Unconventional Sends

Over the course of the year, TCA students have put up beautiful lines on trees, buildings, and even on hanging Metolius Rock Rings. We interviewed one of TCA’s most visionary first ascensionists to see firsthand the innovation and creativity that goes into the creation of these incredible routes.

Enter TCA student Benoît Lavigeur, an avid climber and explorer of strange new types of climbing. When he is not watching climbing movies, he can be found climbing trees and buildings, often covered almost completely in dirt. He has established climbs on trees, playgrounds, and even a kitchen counter in Spain. We asked Benoît why he enjoys these unorthodox types of climbing, and how he chooses his inspirational lines. … More TCA’s Unconventional Sends

The Process of Projecting

Since TCA arrived in El Salto, we all have been working on getting back into the rhythm of projecting. This has been done with much success, laughter, and some very frustrating moments. Projecting is a really important process in rock climbing, as it allows you to fully immerse yourself in the sport and the mental aspects of it, which enables you to grow and learn. Pushing your limits can often take you on a roller coaster of emotions. … More The Process of Projecting