Venice – Introduction of Landing Contribution postponed

The Municipality of Venice has confirmed that the introduction of the Landing Contribution is now postponed to April 2021.

The contribution was initially supposed to start on 1st July 2020, but it has been postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak and the strict lock-down measures still in place in Italy.

Please follow our blog for more updates.

Oberammergau Passion Play postponed to 2022

We have just being informed that the 42nd Oberammergau Passion Play, that was supposed to start on the 16 May 2020 is officially postponed to 2022.

The decision comes after the new regulations in Germany banning all big events in order to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus.

The first performance of the Passion Play is now planned for the 21 May 2022.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

CoVid19 – Latest updates on border closures in Europe

Various European countries have closed their borders:

  • Denmark: Bans all foreigners from entering without a valid purpose (such as residency or emergency family visit).
  • Poland: Foreigners banned from entering from Sunday 15 March.
  • Czech Republic: Bans all foreigners from entering the country.
  • Slovakia: Closes borders to all foreigners.
  • Austria: Closes three land border. crossings with Italy to all foreigners.
  • Ukraine: Closes border crossings to foreigners for two weeks.
  • Hungary: Closes land borders with Austria and Slovenia.
  • Slovenia: Closes six border crossings with Italy. Bus and train travel suspended. Foreigners may only enter with a medical certificate issued within three days.
  • Serbia: Closes border crossings with Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia.
  • Romania: Closes borders with Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Moldova.
  • Albania: Closes borders with Montenegro, Kosovo and North Macedonia

Spain sights’ update

We have been informed that the following tourist sights have been closed with immediate effect and until further notice :

  • Sagrada Familia
  • Gaudi House located in Park Guell. Park Guell currently remains open.
  • ALL of Madrid’s state-run museums, including the Prado, the Reina Sofia and the Thyssen-Bornemisza.

We are closely monitoring the situation and will publish additional posts should the situation change.

CoVid19 – Slovakia entry update

Today, the Central Crisis Staff of the Slovak Republic has taken strict measures in relation to the spreading disease COVID-19 (coronavirus).  

From Monday 16th March the following measures will be enforced :

  • all kindergartens, schools, universities and all leisure facilities will be closed for 14 days 
  • a mandatory 14-day quarantine is introduced for all those who return from abroad
  • only residents with permanent or temporary residence in Slovakia or a valid Slovak passport can enter the territory of the Slovak Republic

We are closely monitoring the situation on the ground and offering assistance to our clients as required.

CoVid19 – Ireland update

Today Ireland has announced measures to tackle the current CoVid19 outbreak.

Effective from tomorrow and until 29th March :

– Museums, galleries and tourism sites across the country will close

– There should be no mass gatherings involving more than 100 people if located indoors, or involving more than 500 people if located outdoors

– Schools and higher education institutions will close

– Public transport will continue and shops will continue to remain open for the time being

Covid19 – Poland update

Although at present Poland has got one of the lowest rates (26 reported cases) of CoVid19 infection compared to the rest of Europe, as a precaution to contain the spread of the virus, all schools, museums and cinemas across the country will close from Thursday 12th March for 2 weeks until 25th March 2020.

Auschwitz Memorial  and Wieliczka Saltmine are also affected.

Travellers arriving by road, rail or ferry will have their temperature taken and their details will be collected in case they need to be contacted.

CoVid19 – Update for travellers returning to Taiwan

In light of the increasing number of confirmed CoVid19 cases in Europe, today Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) has issued a Level 2 travel alert for 10 European countries.

The countries affected by the above travel alert are :

Iceland, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Austria.

Any traveller returning to Taiwan from any of the above countries must observe 14 days of self-health management.  This means : minimising time spent in public, wearing a face mask and checking their temperature twice daily.

Please also note that Italy has been under the highest Level 3 Alert (= mandatory 14-day home quarantine upon return to Taiwan and all non-essential travel to be avoided) since the end of February, while France, Germany and Spain were issued a Level 2 travel alert on March 7.




CoVid19 – Update for Hong Kong travellers

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has announced today
(10th March 2020) that in addition to the whole of Italy the following countries have also been added to to the Red Outbound Travel Alert :
  • France (Bourgogne-Franche-Comte and Grand Est)
  • Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia)
  • Japan (Hokkaido)
  • Spain (La Rioja, Madrid and Pais Vasco)

Starting from 0.00 am on March 14, people arriving in Hong Kong (even though they are not Hong Kong residents) who have been to the above territories in the past 14 days will be requested to stay in a quarantine centre.  

Members of the public are advised to consider delaying all non-essential travel outside Hong Kong. Before travelling outside Hong Kong, members of the public should be aware of the potential health risk and applicable quarantine arrangements upon returning to Hong Kong.