Overtourism and the need for a new approach to travel

In the last couple of years the media and the leaders in the travel industry have started to highlight the negative impact of tourism in some communities.

This is when we have started hearing the word “overtourism” more and more…

HALLSTATT – Austria’s UNESCO Heritage Site hit by huge fire

A large fire has damaged a part of Hallstatt, the beautiful 16th-century village in Austria. Tourists have been asked to avoid the town centre if possible, while local authorities commence the reparation works.

Oberammergau Passion Play 2020 – Everything you need to know

Oberammergau Passion Play is a passion play performed since 1634 as a tradition by the inhabitants of the village of Oberammergau, Germany. It happens every 10 years and the next performance it is scheduled for summer 2020.

UEFA EURO 2020 – Schedule and useful information

The 16th UEFA European Championship is scheduled to be held in 12 cities in 12 European countries from 12 June to 12 July 2020. The different events would affect traffic in the designated locations and result in busier hotels and restaurants.