Italy for sports fans: the ultimate destinations

Known as the country of ancient culture, beautiful architecture and delicious food, Italy has got a long-term love story with sport. It is home to important internationally-recognised names, like Ferrari and Valentino Rossi, and some of the most prestigious football clubs in Europe.

FRANCE – 7 unconventional experiences you should add to your itinerary

France is one of the most visited countries in Europe, welcoming millions of tourists every year.

The majority of them are attracted to Paris and its impressive landmarks and attractions. But France has got much more to discover. Each region is different and characterised by rich traditions, beautiful landscapes and delicious food.

PRAGUE – Ancient splendour and modern beauty

Prague is a jewel located in the heart of Central Europe. Since Middle Age, it has been playing an important role in the political, economic and cultural life of the region. Its epic history has led today to a majestic city, offering Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architectural beauties. So majestic and beautiful that the whole city centre, all 866 hectares of it, has been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992.

Visiting Central Europe: Germany, Austria and Czech Republic

Central Europe countries have been influenced by the rise and fall of great empires through history. The scars of the different wars and divisions are still visible today. Nevertheless, it remains one of the most beautiful regions to explore in the world, full of traditions and astonishing panoramas.

Eight places you must visit if you are a true Game of Thrones fan

The series finale is finally revealed and either you agree or not with the end of the 8-seasons long saga of the Iron Throne, you cannot deny that these last episodes gave us the chills.

For those who are going to terribly miss our favourite characters and long for some more ice and fire adventures, we have put together a list of holiday destinations that are definitely going to help keeping the magic alive.

BASQUE COUNTRY – A different taste of Spain

This month we would like to take you to the beautiful Basque Country.

Situated in Northern Spain, near the border with France and overlooking the Bay of Biscay, this is one of the most peculiar Spanish regions. It has its own language, its own traditions, and a unique geographic and cultural landscape, but it is just a few-hours’ drive from main destinations like Madrid and Barcelona.