TCA Students


2016 Student Body

img_0378-1Nat Baird (TCA Freshman) from Boise, Idaho has been a rock climber for three and a half years and continues to grow as an athlete from his experiences. He is confident, psyched, and brings positive vibrations to a group. He found The Climbing Academy from an Instagram post; with uncertainty and doubt about the program he debated with his parents about going. When Nathaniel isn’t climbing he finds himself balling on the court or playing football. Working thirty-six hours a week this summer, Nathaniel wanted to earn this education, and show his parents how committed he is. His preferred way of fighting gravity is sport climbing, he explains, “Instead of bouldering I enjoy the constant rhythm of movement that allows me to get into a positive headspace.” For example, when he climbed the Super Slabs located in The Sawtooths he found himself in that positive head space. He loves to rock climb because it forces him to eat healthy, challenges him to think about the movement by connecting the holds, and is mainly focused on being process oriented rather than outcome oriented. Nathaniel continues to grow as a student and athlete by being himself. –Bio by Jonah Phillips, photo by Aaron Hjelt.

olivia-ogierOlivia Ogier (TCA Sophomore)  isn’t just a talented climber, but a charismatic person who believes in bettering her character and climbing. She gets a lot of her inspiration from her teammates who push her and excel her climbing to stages such as climbing in Nationals and even Pan-American games. She started her incredible climbing journey at the age of ten when an instructor at a climbing gym planted the idea of climbing, because she was a natural and clearly gifted. Olivia has a strong passion for speed climbing, she finds the fast pace race style of climbing exciting and exhilarating. When the gym becomes stressful however, she likes to take breaks to go outdoor climbing to places like The Red River Gorge, or Smith Rock in Oregon. One of her standing projects is in The Red called Ultra Perm a worthy 13d for this accomplished and ever improving climber. However, Olivia has already done a 13b called Bo Cleevill, a climb in Ten Sleep, Wyoming that gave her a good fight. With climbing as her lifestyle she’s able to climb in many different countries and meet many new people. She loves to get immersed in a new culture and learn how others live in this huge world. Olivia is also is an avid photographer who loves to capture moments of emotion. Even if this inspirational and gifted woman wasn’t climbing she’d still be doing a unique sport. Olivia has and interest in arial acrobatics, a form of beautiful and emotional dance that captivates and incites awe and wonderment, just as her climbing does. Her character and personality shines and her climbing ability backs up her claim to a spot as a great athlete. –Bio and photo by Sean Meehan.

Emma Price (TCA Sophomore). emma-bio-picClimbing is a lifestyle for 15 year old Emma Price. As she gets older, her dream is to live in a van, climbing everywhere in the world. She has been climbing her whole life in Conifer, Colorado, where she trains at the Earth Treks climbing gym. Although indoor competitions aren’t really Emma’s scene, she loves to climb outside, and is very determined to send her first 5.12. Emma is no stranger to hard work either. After coming home from a full day at the crag, she goes straight to doing her workouts. Emma is determined, focused, and very supportive. -Bio by Riley Ogier



Kieran Hadley (TCA Senior). Not every person who bimg_3270reaks their T-9 vertebrate comes back to climb 5.13b. Kieran is one of few athletes to continue pushing his own physical standard after an injury as serious as a broken back. Hadley has been on rock since he was 8 years old, starting on the humble choss of the motherland, a.k.a Boise, Idaho. Dedicated to the sport, Hadley will never give up climbing if it’s up to him. That being said, he has sacrificed relationships and times that normal teenagers would have if it weren’t for his intense passion of climbing. -Bio by Kawika Mau, photo by Aaron Hjelt.



Riley Ogier (TCA Sophomore) is a stout speed climber, sport climber, and boulderer. She has been competitively climbing for 8 years out of her hometown gym, Stone Summit, in Atlanta, Georgia. During the 8 yearriley-bio-pics of competing in climbing competitions and extensive training, Riley will be competing in China for USA Climbing’s Worlds Competition as a youth B competitor. And as much fun competing is, Riley still enjoys to climb outside with her friends and her twin sister, Olivia. Her go-to climbing place is Smith Rock in Oregon. It’s her happy place in case competing gets a little intense. -Bio by Emma Price.

Benoît Lavigueur (TCA Sophomore) is a 15 year-old from Mimg_8570ontreal, Canada. Enjoying a vertical adventure for almost a year in climbing gyms, Benoît looks upon Alex Honnold for inspiration but wouldn’t choose his style of climbing. He aspires to go on expedition trips, bolt new routes, and enjoy the outdoors for years to come. He looks forward to expanding his experience climbing on real rock, and continue to climb outside for his climbing career. -Bio by Tanner Mack

Tanner Mack (TCA Junior) is a 16 year old climber from Mount Lemmon, Arizona. In his 9 years of climbing, he has climbed up to v12 and 13d/14a. In addition, he has established many boulders and has bolted a couple of sport routes. His favorite crag is the Orifice Wall in Mount Lemmon, because this wall and the people there taught him how to project and made him love climbing. He doesn’t look up to any professional climber, but only to his peers and friends for inspiration. image1In his young career, he has obtained sponsors from several different companies, including Boulder Denim, Practical climbing, Pure chalk and others, and is now aiming for a Petzl sponsor by the end of the school year. For Tanner Mack, climbing is more than a passion, it’s a lifestyle that allows him to push his body and mind to the highest limit. -Bio by Benoît Lavigueur

Sean Meehan (TCA Senior) is an adventure-seeking alpine climber. When Sean’s mom got cancer 7 years ago, he needed a distraction, and climbing was a perfect solution. He went into his local gym one day, and instantly fell in love with the sport. His best friend introduced him to competition climbing shortly after, and Sean has been passionate about the sport ever since. Now, Sean’s favorite style of climbing is alpine multi-pitch. Although he loves to be alone up in the mountains, he needs a base. If he’s not hiking in Thailand or bouldering in Germany, he’s taking classes at The Climbing Academy (TCA), or NOLS, or training at his home gym in Virginia. Sean is truly an outdoor enthusiast and adventure-seeker, always ready to explore. -Bio by Olivia Ogier

Jonah Philips (TCA Senior) from Salt Lake City is loving every moment of The Climbing Academy so far. And his team mates are loving him, in a handful of words he can be described as groovy, self-sufficient, aimg_2040nd optimistic. Jonah’s favorite climbing memory was when he was at St. George with his friends night bouldering. He sent his fist v9 that trip, but until recently he has been sidelined with a nagging finger injury that he developed over the summer. “I was out for most of the month with a bad case of pneumonia” Jonah remembered. He ended up training too hard when he got healthy again and injured his finger. In Jonah’s five years of experience his favorite place is Lander, Wyoming but he has always wanted to climb in Spain which is convenient. When Jonah isn’t climbing he can be seen in class, playing frisbee or soccer with friends or studying. Jonah plans to continue the rest of his life, learning, exploring, and climbing. -Bio by Nat Baird, photo by Aaron Hjelt


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